Lithgow: Lively talk at coalface


Learn about Lithgow's coal mining history at a lively talk.

Learn about Lithgow’s coal mining history at a lively talk.

By Lithgow City Council

Renowned author of Explosion, Explosion II and Explosion III Ted Green will honour the Lithgow Library Learning Centre with one of his lively and highly entertaining presentations on the profession of a coalminer and the world of coal-mining on March 18.

With a narrative style that is lively and a little irreverent, the 2013 Super Senior is an engaging speaker on a profession that is as mysterious to the average person as it is essential to the economic welfare of the Lithgow community.

Lithgow Mayor Maree Statham said: “The world of the coalminer is intrinsically part of the fabric that makes Lithgow the city it is and it will be great to hear Ted Green provide us with insights into that world through his talks, his books and his forthcoming film.’’

Ted will give his At the Coal-Face: The Most Dangerous Job in the World speech at the Lithgow Library Learning Centre’s next Tea and Talk event in the Main Street Lithgow Library at 10.30am on Tuesday, March 18.


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